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RSS Ehawkins

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1 point

Yeah... slamming a basketball player into a wall would change the momentum too, but it is illegal because the damage it causes to the player isn't worth it. Yes, you're wearing pads, but so are football players, and they have decided to lessen the amount of violence in the game. Isn't the future ability to walk and think worth more than a cheap hit in hockey?

1 point

It's passion. Isn't that the argument of men who hit their wives? They are passionate about their significant others. Passion in chess means a better game. Am I also not fighting for my livelihood everyday? Should I just fight with someone?

1 point

So, we are going to make sports reach the lowest common denominator? Okay. Then, let's just allow doping in baseball. Let's let anything illegal go because there are more homeruns, there are more action-related events. It must just be better. No rules... let's just be gladiators and kill each other. It worked for the Romans.

1 point

So, we should just fight in all sports? Let's let the NBA and WNBA go all out and punch each other. It could create momentum in the game. Hey, why not stop there... gymnasts, instead of really working hard, let's just slam into the other players during their floor routine. IT would add so much to your sport.

1 point

Because it's time consuming, we shouldn't do it? The earth isn't worth the time it takes to create new water bottles? When dolphins and other beautiful sea creatures die in our oceans because of the vast pollution, then I guess it's okay because it would take too much time. Sorry, Flipper.

1 point

You're right the oceans are in trouble. The vast amount of water bottles in them is disgusting. BUT isn't there also quite a bit of other pollution as well? Do we get rid of anything that has been thrown in the ocean? We will have nothing left. Water bottles can be reused, and they are easier the transport than a reusable water bottle. We need to think about the consequences before just jumping on the bandwagon.

1 point

Isn't everything destroying the environment. Apparently cow farts are causing holes in the atmosphere. So, by your logic, we should get rid of cows and anything that can send gas into the atmosphere. We are destroying the earth every day. I guess we are the first things that should go.

1 point

So, anything that causes harm to the human body should be banned? Well, goodbye Big Mac... goodbye Coke... goodbye French fries. You aren't healthy. Pollutants need to go... You're right. I guess we are going to stop making anything of plastic. Wow. The world just go a whole lot worse, didn't it?

1 point

So, no one has ever been wrongfully convicted? Isn't the saving of one life worth it? Wouldn't letting someone die be just as bad as murdering them? They didn't take the life, yet we are killing them.

1 point

You're right. People who commit murder aren't 100% okay. They have issues, and therefore, shouldn't be a part of an American society. Let's keep them off the streets. Let's keep them away from the hard working Americans they were deciding to murder. They made their choice. They didn't give someone the choice to die, so if they are mentally ill, we should take care of them after they murder?

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Winning Position: Keep it!
Winning Position: Yes-- should be in all states
Winning Position: Ban Them!

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