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RSS Ashleyadams

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1 point

I strongly think that social media has a very strong impact on today’s teens, and it is very much a negative impact. Pictures with unrealistic body expectations for people are pushed at others everywhere and can result in a lower self-esteem level for everybody. Social media may have positive impacts, but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

1 point

Yes, they may have been considered that, and I misspoke when I mentioned the treason. Those are cases to be dealt with speerately. I do still believe that murderers in some cases should be executed though. Yes of course it may be cheaper to have one child but I find that point irrelevant in the case of capital punishment of murderers.

1 point

I strongly believe that fighting should be kept in NHL hockey games to add to the excitement. Yes, hockey is a very physical sport, and many people believe that fighting only makes it worse. Though fighting usually does result in injuries, so does the actual game itself, so what good does removing hockey to prevent injuries do? Also, it is very unlikely that adult hockey players are going to back down from an opponent given the level of competitiveness they play their game at. Once in a game situation, the players are more physical and in their “zone”. They will be super unlikely to not fight, even if it is not allowed.

1 point

I believe that people who are murders, or proven guilty of treason or espionage, should be subject to capital punishment. There are many reasons that the death penalty may be a better option, and cost is a huge factor. The cost of keeping these criminals alive in prisons and other facilities very much outweighs the cost of lethal injections. An injection is a one time use that has only one price, as a prison is a continuous payment that tax payers must keep paying. Also, many criminals may never return to their normal self. For example, a serial killer might continues to kill after their sentence is up, so what good does keeping them and paying for their survival do?

Winning Position: No,they should be banned.

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